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For Integrated health, well-being & self-defence

Inside Meikai Dojo
Weekly Classes in Yoga, Okinawan Te, & Shiatsu
  • Contact Mick Gunnell at or call on 07513 044056
  • Please see full prices below.
  • Claim a 50% discount on the monthly Shiatsu Class if you already train twice per week or more in other Meikai classes.
  • Further discounts are available for those wishing to train more than two nights per week.  


    Tuesday & Thursday ~ 6:30 – 8 pm

    1 class per week      ~ £55 per month

    2 classes per week ~ £100 per month

    Yoga is an Indian art, nowadays well known for its therapeutic value.  Yoga classes are for health, well-being and self-development.  Practice is based around stretching, breathing, mindfulness, and meditation.  This class also includes paired, dynamic stretching and a basic foundation in Shiatsu – therapeutic massage.

    Okinawan Te

    Monday & Wednesday ~ 6:30 – 8 pm

    1 class per week      ~ £55 per month

    2 classes per week ~ £100 per month

    Te is the pinnacle of the Okinawan martial arts and for the past fourteen hundred years has been studied in secrecy by the upper royalty and their priestesses. It is a therapeutic ‘internal’ art dealing with advanced footwork, highly refined weapons practice – kobudo, and wrist and hand grappling techniques known as ‘tuite’ or ‘torite’ the ‘art of ‘non-harming’


    1st Sunday each month ~ 10 am – 2 pm       inc a short break

    1 class per month ~ £50 per month

    Shiatsu is a Japanese therapeutic massage system also known as ‘Anma’  (a term used more before the 1950’s). Meikai Shiatsu works with a vigorous hands-on approach, following the basic Zen principles of ‘relax, release and let go’.


    Holistic Training

    Studied individually each subject taught at the dojo can be of great benefit to the practitioner.  However, studied in parallel, they can become something far more potent; a fully-rounded bodywork system, aimed at developing capable and confident people of robust good health and well-being.

    Cross-training is beneficial because each of the subjects taught are aspects of the same thing – therapeutic bodywork.  Each aspect fills in gaps in the spectrum of human experience that the others miss, with each art acting as a mirror through which to better understand and develop our ‘self’.  Training holistically thus helps us to gain the most from whichever one regards as our ‘core art’ –  which preference often evolves with time and experience.