The wings comprise the Te & Shiatsu advanced handshape – martial and healing aspects of the same knowledge;

The Snakes on the breast are the symbol of the Kundalini – the yogic energetics;

And the Phoenix represents the therapeutic healing process of death and rebirth.

Image design by Julia Langran & Mick Gunnell

1478498-bigthumbnailThe aim of the Meikai Dojo is to provide a venue for the study of the Eastern martial and healing Arts, which are two facets of the same knowledge, and to use them as a framework for self-development and a means to enrich our lives and our society.

All classes are adult only, provide a controlled environment to study in, and aim to improve one’s health and quality of life. Because of the holistic nature of the dojo, areas of knowledge in apparently different subjects frequently overlap, so in any particular class relevant parts of other arts are often studied.

Whilst the subjects taught are obviously to do with the human ‘spirit’ they are not religious or cultist in any way. They lie instead in the realms of therapeutic body-work and self-development, which enable people to let go of their fears and live a happier more productive life.

The fruits of these arts can only be gained through the will to prevail. The ‘Way’ may not always be easy, but if one perseveres the long-term benefits can be profound.

During any class the topics of religion, sex, and ego, may be discussed from an objective, therapeutic viewpoint, if this will cause offence it may be better to find a teacher more appropriate to your needs.