dojo photos 2 028Each of the arts taught is based upon the keystones of respect, humility and hard work, without which they suffer from ineffectual and potentially unsafe practice. The object of the Dojo Code is to engender positive traits within us, thus honouring ourselves and others. The Dojo code should be cultivated by all members.

  • Live with integrity, do not commit to something that in reality you cannot do.
  • Your fees get you in the Dojo door; good attitude keeps you there
  • Always bow in and out of the dojo. If first to arrive, sweep the dojo floor and check that equipment is safely stowed
  • Show respect to teachers and fellow students
  • You have a duty of care to others, always act with kindness and compassion
  • Use your Dojo time well, it is short and precious
  • Cultivate ‘beginners mind’
  • Observe ‘mindfulness’ in all things
  • Be willing to give back to the arts from which you have taken

Training in related subjects gives a deeper, fuller understanding than sticking to one, and for martial artists is strongly advised for health reasons. The arts taught at the Meikai Dojo are all based on the same principles and movement paradigms and so cross training is beneficial – this is not true of all arts,therefore before cross-training between different dojo’s, please consult with me.

Trusting your teacher is vital, both in class and regarding personal development advice in relation to the Arts. For instance; if what is slowing someone down in their martial arts progress is too much tension in their body and nervous system, they may be advised to supplement their regime with yoga or shiatsu for a period (as long as it takes). These arts are not frivolous, they are life changing, and guidance is often necessary.