Please read before contacting;

All classes run on a rolling weekly basis, except during the festive period.  Training on other bank-holidays throughout the year is by class agreement.

All fees to be paid monthly in advance. Monthly rates can be found on this site's homepage.

Commitment and good attitude are vital to the learning process, to the group atmosphere and to lowering stress levels.  

Shiftworkers may find booking the 4 class per 'one class per week' option is useful, then you can use them as you wish throughout the month.

If you wish to train with sincerity and commitment, and to learn something of inherent value that may improve your life - and those of the people around you - you will be very welcome. 

If you have any queries regarding classes please call or email using the information below.

Happy training

Mick Gunnell

The Meikai Dojo,  145 Station Road,
Burgess Hill,  RH15 9EG

Call Mick on 07513 0440056